Hi, I'm Erica and I love photos. I can only assume that I come from a long line of photo lovers. If you have ever been "upstairs" at my Grandma's, you would assume the same. I have so many childhood memories of sitting upstairs with my Grandma in the middle of boxes filled with photos. We would flip through the photos for hours and she would tell me the story of each one making the photo come to life. I loved everything about it- the smell of the photos (yes, I said smell), the feel of the print in your hand, the emotion that poured from my Grandma as she told story after story, and most of all, the feeling that filled me as I was transported through time.  

And so it began...

Sometime in the middle I got married to my high school sweetheart, got a couple of fur babies, had a daughter and a son. I now have boxes (yes, I actually print photos still!) and many more folders on hard drives full of images. I imagine some day me sitting on a floor somewhere telling the story of each photo. And that's what I hope to give you- photos that stir nostalgia and joy in your soul. 


Family photo by Hillary K. Photography